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Nav Singh

hi Alfred, follow these steps ….

Steps to How to install WordPress locally using Wamp locally on PC

1. Step 1 is to Install Wamp form its website..
In the PHPmail option while installing WAMP, leave it as it is

2. Now download wordpress zipped files from extract the Create a folder under C:\wamp\www name it as WordPress copy all the files and folders under WordPress folder in C:\wamp\www

3. Start WAMP and start all the services by left clicking on it in the task bar.

4. Open http: //localhost/

5. Click on Phpmyadmin and create a database for your WordPress install.

6. Open http: //localhost/wordpress and click on create a configuration file.

Now Enter the details as mentioned.

Database name : Database name you have created (wordpress)
Username : root
Password : Leave it blank
database host : Keep it default (Localhost)
Database prefix : Keep it default (wp_)

Click on Submit. On next screen click on Run setup

On the next screen add Blog title and Email. Search visibility will not matter here as we are working on Local environment.

On the next page , copy the password and save it. Click on login and login with the password in the screen and user name as admin.

Congrats, You have just created a local WordPress test environment using WAMP on your PC Locally and use it for testing .. and trying new plugins

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