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    Nav Singh

    Hi, folks
    I have this question coming up all the time “Can I put more than 3 Google ads per page?”

    Answer to this question is available on Google Ad Placement Polices Page.

    But, let me also explain a bit if you like :

    Ad limit per page but Adsense

    Currently,Google only supports:

    1 – Up to three AdSense for content units on 1 page more than that is a violation to the adsense policies.
    2- Up to three link units per page
    3- Up to two search boxes per page

    According, Google Adsense polices, publishers may not place more than one “large” ad unit per page.A “large” ad unit as any unit similar in size to our 300×600 format. For example, this would include an ad of these dimensions 300×1050 and 970×250 formats, 750×200 and 580×400 regional formats, and any other custom sized ad with comparable dimensions.

    However, also keep in mind that placing the maximum number of allowed ad units on a page might result in it looking cluttered. For this Read Googles optimization guidelines for tips on where to place your ads. For best practices on custom sized ad units, review our custom-sized ad units page.

    Please Note: The above ad limits also apply to mobile sites. In addition, two or more AdSense ads should not appear on the screen at the same time on a mobile site which may be a violation to adsense policies.

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    Nice one

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    Nav Singh

    Thanks Peter.. I am happy to hear you liked it

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