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    Nav Singh

    This is a new feature on the Google results page to allow navigation via the keyboard when Google Instant predictions is enabled.
    This arrow will appear once you use the cursor Up/Down keys.

    This Blue Arrow shows up when you search something and then for example go to the second search result in google and press the back button on top Left –
    And, then if you press the UP/DOWN Buttons on your keyboard, it lets you navigate through the search results..

    This is’t a bad thing it’s totally normal and the arrow is only for navigation.

    If you want to remove it try this –
    You can consider to disable Google Instant predictions on the Google Search Settings page.

    See below for the SCREENSHOT of the problem-

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    Nav Singh



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    That stinking little blue arrow is not a feature! It’s a disgusting annoyance! If they are going to continue adding these stupid hindrances, they should at least make it clear how to turn the bloody thing off. Sure, you can figure it out eventually by doing some “googling”, and hopefully finding a site like this, but you shouldn’t have to do that.

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    Nav Singh

    Thanks mellie for sharing your views

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    Nav Singh

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    Very easy to eliminate blue arrow: goto dogpile.com, search for “remove google blue arrow”, and 4 or 5 replies down, Techfleece tells how. I solved my problem by making Dogpile my default search engine!

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